Monday, 10 October 2016

As part of Fomento´s Magic Dragon Project, we also learn phonics in order to help us with our pronunciation. At Entreolivos we learn phonics with teacher Severine in the English Corner in small groups of three or four

It is important for us to learn phonics while we are still in the infant school in order to give us the best possible pronunciation, as while we are young we are still able to produce any sound that you can imagine. This gives us a huge advantage as we grow up! The Fomento phonics project, following the bilingual principles of the school, tries to emulate the way in which british born native children learn to produce different sounds - we learn sounds within the context of a word. This means we are also improving our vocabulary at the same time. It´s pretty clever, don´t you think?

Aside from pronunciation, we also work on the concept of rhyming and even learn to produce other words that rhyme, and we can discriminate between words that contain the sound we are learning and the ones that do not. The Project also incorporates games, movement, and the use of the interactive whiteboards/Ipads.

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