Monday, 21 November 2016


Today we held a special event at school called "Children helping children", a typical event that British children take part in to help children less fortunate than themselves. We played lots of fun games in our English classes and have begun filling up the boxes in the hallway with lots of food to donate. As we bring more and more food, we colour in more of the thermometers. 
Let´s see which year group brings the most food!

Year 1 looking at the thermometers
on the first day of the christmas campaign

We played darts

We tried to catch the ducks

We played ten-pin bowling

And we stuck Magic dragon's nose back on
...whilst blindfolded!

As you know, each year group has been asked to bring different things. Here is a reminder of what we would ask you to donate:

2 years old: drinking chocolate
Year 1 (3 years old): wet wipes, shampoo, baby perfume
Year 2 (4 years old): biscuits
Year 3 (5 years old): Christmas products

Keep an eye on the blog to see the progress of the thermometers.

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